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News from The Brewers

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News from The Brewers

THE VERY GRIMM BROTHERS plus Jeremy Fallowfield (gtr)
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THE VERY GRIMM BROTHERS plus Jeremy Fallowfield (gtr)

Fri 20 Oct, 7.30pm start in The Brewer’s Armpit

Fri 20 Oct, 7.30pm start in The Brewer’s Armpit


plus Jeremy Fallowfield (gtr)

Tix on sale now

‘brilliantly inventive as always’ John Raine 

a storming evening’ Matt Black, PureGood’n’Right Poetry

a soul-refreshing antidote … fantastical in spades!’ Mark Haslam, The Brewer’s Arms

Poetry and music. Featuring post-modernist hits It's All Relative, The Binds That Tie, Overthinking It, Bus Ting, Phlebotomy the More the Merrier, Them’s The Brakes, B.Y.O.B., It Was A Pleasure, The Rule of Six, Buresø, You And That Phone, We Could Be Happy Here and many more.

Grimm Ade (poems) and Grimm John (guitar) live at Castle Grimm. It isn’t all plain sailing. They share their innermost fears & woes & décor challenges, the relief of wild swimming, rhubarb crowns, Bovril and Castle Grimm’s secret. Heart-warming and funny. Told through poems, music, tiny stories and an aeronautical display, wind permitting. Contains some acting.

The Very Grimm Brothers are Adrian Mealing, a Malvern Poetry Slam Champ who sings à cappella with Men In General, A Fistful of Spookies and The Spooky Men’s Chorale (Aus). And John Denton (gtr) who wears several musical hats including John Denton’s Midnight Band and The Fezz, a homage to Steely Dan.

‘middle class rap’ Will Coleman, The Brewer’s Arms‘Brought a little tear to my eye’ Shona, Nottingham Lakeside

'so inventive, so funny!’ Bridgnorth Festival

Special Grimm guest Jeremy Fallowfield (gtr) is happiest when seeing how far he can make his steel string acoustic guitar play old tunes & new tricks inspired and influenced by players such as Michael Hedges, Don Ross, Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour and Tommy Emmanuel.

Photo, Kate Pearce

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